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Big Bore Association of Southern Africa is affiliated with Chasa

Big Bore Association Southern Africa Nov 08

Looking for an opportunity to use your Big Bore Rifle or learn more about its use?

The name of the game is Big Bores; combine this with great camaraderie, safety first and exciting, family orientated practical shoots, and you have the makings of a truly unique association.

Big Bore Association members come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, with a common love for big bore firearms, and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.

Our Roots & Goals

Founded on the 3rd of November 2001 by a group of big bore enthusiasts from all around southern Africa, BASA has several goals including; eradicating the many mysteries surrounding big bore rifles and cartridges; stimulating interest in the research and development of all big bore hunting and shooting issues, and above all, to introduce the fun and satisfaction of big bore familiarity and camaraderie to the greatest audience possible, regardless of age, experience or skill.

Unique to BASA

BASA is about having fun, making friends and sharing passions. BASA is for everybody – no stiff upper lips thank you. If you’re a lover of big bores, whether you already have one or still aspire to obtaining one, join us for the friendliest, most fun way of finding out more, and putting it to practical use.

BASA is about starting at the bottom, about learning, exchanging and improving skills, equipment and knowledge in a highly supportive and interactive environment. BASA is for young and old, novice and expert, local and foreigner, all bound together by a shared passion for Big Bores.

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